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Hello, my name is Concepció and I'm Engineer in Computer Systems. I have more than 10 years experience in creating software in the field of R+D, and occasionally in other areas.

My work experience is based in the challenge of working on projects with a diverse technical requirements and consequently on the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

About Jau!!

About Jau!!

Jau !! is a game for boys and girls of 5 years or less if they play with the help of an adult. The player's avatar is a sheepdog which must drive a sheepherd to pass obstacles.

Design, graphics and programming have been done by Concepción Pastor and the music has been composed by Anna Urpí.

The game currently exists for iPad and iPhone devices with an OS 9.3 or higher. You can find it in your Apple store.

If you are currently using an iPad or iPhone device, you can watch a demo video here.


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